"100 Greatest R&B Songs

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    100 Greatest R&B Songs

    • Janet Jackson had tasted success as a Music Artist, TV Star, and Movie Star… But now she wanted to step out of her family’s shadow… Janet wanted to share her femininity. What was about to happen would be the longest running # 1 Hit in Jackson family history


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      She married her manager at 14, and together they caught the attention of James Brown.

      After touring as a background singer for James, he decided to bring her into the studio to record a song that he had written.

      That Single would become the most Sampled female record in the history of Hip Hop


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    Music has become more and more a cultural heritage. R&B as a distinguished style has evolved onto the mainstream music field. We've collected the 100 Greatest R&B songs that have significance. And be sure that after you hear every single episode of this podcast, your listening experience will be so much more intense. For all the musiclovers out there we do this work out of love - because we love music ourselves. And please check out -our other PODCAST.EINS Podcasts:https://podcast-eins.de/podcast-shows/podcast-eigenproduktion/ Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.
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