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    Djtoto goes Funky Groove Vol 7 2024

    18. März 2024

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    Hello, dear music lovers! ??

    It's that time again! Djtoto presents you the brand new Funky Groove Vol 7 mix for 2024. This mix will accompany your party weekend and get your bodies moving. ??

    Let's take a look at some of the tracks that await you in the mix:

    Ronx - ?Cheer - You Blow My Mind? (Original Mix): A rousing track that gets the dance floor shaking. The funky beats and catchy melodies will transport you to another world.

    Adri Block - ?Time For Another? (Nudisco ClubDubb): This track is perfect for the late hours at the party. The relaxed vibes and smooth rhythms will captivate you.

    Pete Le Freq - ?All My Laxative? (Original Mix): An unusual title, but don't be fooled! This track is a real catchy tune. The funky bassline and playful samples will have you dancing.

    Ken@Work - ?If You Feel It?s Right? (Original Mix): An energetic track that won?t let you stand still. The driving beats and the euphoric synthesizers will carry you away.

    And now for a surprise: Djtoto has a new single! ?? Although I won't reveal the title yet, I can promise you that it will also rock the dance floor. So keep your eyes and ears open!

    Have fun and an unforgettable party weekend! ???

    I look forward to your feedback, your likes and your reposts. You are also welcome to send me your music requests and suggestions. I am always open to new ideas and challenges. Thank you for your support and your loyalty. Your DJ Toto.

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