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    freude am tanzen music podcast

    • 29 Jul 2022

      Panta Rex leaves nothing to be desired with its mix for Freude am Tanzen. Quite the opposite! You begin to long for more. A refreshing mix, which is so varied and well thought out that you would like to have it as an endless groove on vinyl. An inspiring insight into the endless expanses of cross-genre vibrations. Dubby, housy, jazzy, dreamy, calm, danceable, experimental and yet minimalistic. The DJ and producer from Cologne has already released music on tape and vinyl on the label Noorden and now his new EP „Critter“ is released on Kontrapunkt.

    • 0:46:52

      This mix is the end of PlemmPlemm’s live recorded DJ set at the Entropic Soundscape festival near Tirane. He played from 2am to 5am, after Linear Demand and before Jean Etat, who recorded FATPOD69. PlemmPlemm is a DJ and producer from Hamburg. His interest in groovy and experimental visions of techno music can be heard very well from the mix, as well as the rising sun in Albania and the soft ending as a perfect transition to Jean.

    • 29 Apr 2022

      Three guys are hanging out at the Abantu. Covers and sleeves are lost but no one has seen anything. However, there is still an hour of recording left of the evening. It starts Housy, escalates a bit and ends groovy again. And now Geheme!

    • 25 Mrz 2022

      The DJ and music producer duo from Berlin, which is also partly rooted in Jena and therefore not unknown in Thuringia, moves in the areas of minimal and house music. The mix heralds the summer with its warmth and „grooviness“!

    • 25 Feb 2022

      Kaep, the passionate vinyl DJ from Leipzig, who not only buys records but has also recently started manufacturing records at R.A.N.D, has fired up his turntables for us and produced a fat DJ set.
      He has long been an integral part of the breakbeat-loving part of the electronic scene. As one of the two heads behind Row Records, he regularly provides great new releases, which of course should not be missing in such a mix 😉
      Thanks a lot!

    • 01:05:03

      Welcome to the year 2022!… and it’s off to a brilliant start: groovy, energetic and full of variety. Producer and DJ James Bangura from Washington, D.C., has taken to the decks for Freude am Tanzen and conjured. It is an honour for us to present this mix to you. We are really looking forward to what the new year will bring and wish you a lot of fun dancing 😉

    • 23 Dez 2021

      The Gr33nhornZ, aka the three guys who found each other at the control decks of the mothership Kassablanca. They bring you the last mix of the year, with a little insight in different genres aka what happened to the music? Rap and Breakbeats, to Electro and Jungle influenced music. Be ready for some bumpy transitions and listen up. Peace.

    • 01:07:36

      Freund der Familie are also friends of Freude am Tanzen. The two producers from Leipzig have released a lot of music together with other great artists on their own imprint. A FDF record at our Fatplastics Recordstore is always something special for us, abecause the two producers have already been released some tracks on our vinyl only imprint Fatplastics. For this reason, we are especially happy that the 72nd edition of the Freude am Tanzen podcast comes from Freund der Familie.

    • 20 Aug 2021

      It’s been a long time since the world got to hear a set from Boris, but now the wait is over! FATPOD 71 has become a very diverse mix of different genres, which always follows a red path and gives a little insight into the near future of the Freude am Tanzen catalogue.

    • 01:01:25

      Whether at the modular system or behind the turntables, Felix Krell has a great passion for dubby, groovy, deep sounds. Felix’s FATPOD takes you on a mystical journey where you can’t stop your body from moving to the music. Thank you Felix!

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