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    Uplifting Trance Sessions with DJ Phalanx

    DJ Phalanx – Uplifting Trance Sessions EP. 617 [13.11.2022]

    13. November 2022

    NĂ€chste Episode
    đŸ”„ Willkommen, welcome, bienvenidos to Uplifting Trance Sessions EP. 617.
    I am your host DJ Phalanx. Yeah. My new track Waves entered the official Beatport Trance Charts.
    Thanks so much for your massive support.
    Let's listen to good music. In this episode you will hear new tracks by Mark Sherry, BiXX, Fischer & Miethig, Woody van Eyden,
    Last Soldier, XiJaro & Pitch, myself and Myk Bee and many more.
    The first tune is LÜRUM - Eccentricity [A State Of Trance]
    For all tracklists download my official Android app or visit djphalanx.com
    And now let the music speak.

    [0:00] 1. Intro
    [1:35] 2. LÜRUM - Eccentricity [A State Of Trance]
    [7:08] 3. IKLR - Eternity [State Control Records] -World Premiere-
    [11:22] 4. Billy Hendrix - Body Shine (Will Rees Remix) [Armada Captivating]
    [17:00] 5. Last Soldier & Tricia McTeague - Outshine The Light [Amsterdam Trance]
    [21:10] 6. DeshRoane - Dawn [Aerodynamica Music]
    [25:31] 7. Calvin O'Commor - Back To Basics [COC Music]
    [31:04] 8. Woody van Eyden - Spiritual Soil [Nocturnal Knights]
    [35:52] 9. DJ Phalanx & Myk Bee - Waves [State Control Records]
    [41:29] 10. Fischer & Miethig - Never Give Up (Nonlinear Endorphine Remix) [State Soundscapes]
    [45:11] 11. Arctic Moon feat. Jessica Lawrence - Like The Sun (XiJaro & Pitch Remix) [FSOE]
    [51:54] 12. BiXX - Light Show [Think Trance]
    [56:41] 13. Mark Sherry - The Release [Outburst Records]

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