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    Uplifting Trance Sessions with DJ Phalanx

    Uplifting Trance Sessions EP. 500 -The Big 500- [09.08.2020]

    9. August 2020

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     500 Episodes Uplifting Trance Sessions. WOW!!

    I remember when I started the mixes it was only an idea and I never expected that everyhting becomes so big! Thank you to all my listeners & friends. Thank you for being such loyal and nice people  I want to celebrate this milestone with two great guest mixes by Fischer & Miethig and Rich Triphonic. Thank you guys for your fantastic sets 

    After these mixes I prepared a State Control Records ONLY set with breathtaking Uplifting sounds  Right after my State Control Records ONLY set I will present the latest trance, vocal trance and tech promotions 

     Much love, your DJ Phalanx 

    Fischer & Miethig Guest Mix


    1. Mindsoundscapes – First Sunlight (Into Mix) [State Control Records]

    2. Fischer & Miethig – Come With Me (Extended Mix) [Redux Recordings]

    3. Myk Bee Feat. DJ Phalanx – Endless (Extended Mix) [State Control Records]

    4. Cold Blue – Ocean Breeze (Extended Mix) [FSOE]

    5. Peter Miethig – Magic Lights [Always Alive Recordings]

    6. Christina Novelli – It’ll End In Tears (Sean Tyas Extended Remix) [Black Hole Recordings]

    7. Photographer, Alexander Spark – Spectrum (Extended Mix) [Interplay Records]

    8. Mindsoundscapes – Into the Light (Extended Mix) [Heaven’s Gate]

    9. Darren Porter – Recall (Extended Mix) [Monster Force]

    10. Chicane, Bryan Adams – Don’t Give Up feat. Bryan Adams (Giuseppe Ottaviani Extended Remix) [Armada Music Bundles]

    11. Fischer & Miethig with ArDao – Song Of The North (Extended Mix) [State Control Records]

    12. Rich Triphonic – Over The Edge (2020 Edit) [State Ccontrol Records]

    Rich Triphonix Guest Mix


    01 Rich Triphonic – ID

    02 XiJaro & Pitch & LightControl – Elixir Of Angels [Grotesque Music]

    03 Sean Mathews – Starting A Fire [FSOE]

    04 Starpicker – New Horizons [GO Music]

    04 James Williams – ID [State Control Records]

    05 Dua Lipa – Don’t Start Now (Ellez Ria Uplifting Remix ) [CD-R]

    06 Giuseppe Ottaviani – Till We Meet Again [Armind]

    07 Daniel Kandi & A.R.D.I. – Rise Again (We Shall Overcome) [ASOT]

    08 Allen Watts – GDL [Armada Captivating]

    09 Steve Dekay – ID [State Control Records]

    10 Manuel Le Saux & DJ T.H. with Linnea Sch¬ssow – Butterflies [GO Music]

    DJ Phalanx – State Control Records Only

    [1:55:30] 1. Aley & Oshay – Peace Of Mind [State Control Records]

    [2:01:36] 2 Calvin O’Commor – Come Inside [State Control Records]

    [2:06:44] 3. Kayan Code – Arena [State Control Records]

    [2:10:41] 4. Rich Triphonic – No Regrets [State Control Records]

    [2:14:44] 5. Myk Bee Feat. DJ Phalanx – Endless [State Control Records]

    [2:19:36] 6. Kiyoi & Eky – Sharp [State Control Records]

    [2:24:14] 7. Fredd Moz – Reborn [State Control Records]

    [2:28:49] 8. Fredd Moz – When I Feel Alone (Divaiz Remix) [State Control Records]

    [2:33:23] 9. Myk Bee – Future Visions [State Control Records]

    [2:38:19] 10. Kiyoi & Eky – Snowfall (EClipse Remix) [State Control Records]

    [2:43:12] 11. Dreamy – Bullseye [State Control Records]

    [2:48:25] 12.

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