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    Uplifting Trance Sessions with DJ Phalanx

    Uplifting Trance Sessions EP. 652 with DJ Phalanx (Podcast) [15 JUL 2023]

    15. Juli 2023

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    ?? Hey there, trance music lovers! Welcome to another electrifying episode of Uplifting Trance Sessions. I'm your host, DJ Phalanx, and I'm here to take you on a musical journey like no other. Today, we have an incredible lineup of fresh tracks that will undoubtedly lift your spirits and transport you to a higher state of euphoria.

    ?? First up, we have Ralphie B with his mesmerizing new track, "Artemis." Get ready to be captivated by the ethereal melodies and uplifting beats that Ralphie B is renowned for. This tune is guaranteed to ignite your passion for trance music and set the tone for an unforgettable session.

    ?? Next on the playlist is AA Meeting with their latest release, "Fly." This track combines intricate synth work with driving basslines, creating a perfect fusion of energy and emotion. Allow yourself to be swept away by the soaring melodies and let the music carry you to new heights.

    ?? Trance Wax is also gracing us with their presence today, presenting their track "Love Me Higher." Known for their nostalgic soundscapes and infectious hooks, Trance Wax never fails to deliver an enchanting experience. Prepare to lose yourself in the blissful melodies and lose track of time.

    ?? We have an array of other incredible artists joining us as well. Kaselia takes us on "The Journey Of Life," a euphoric track filled with uplifting chords and a pulsating rhythm. Guava enchants us with "Fairytale Of Yesterday," a magical composition that transports us to a world of dreams and wonder.

    ?? Xijaro & Pitch bring us "Over The Moon," a tune that will have you floating among the stars. Rene Ablaze unleashes "Go!" with its powerful bassline and soaring synths that will make your heart race. Ghost Etiquette featuring Aza Nabuko presents "U Found Me," a heartfelt anthem that celebrates love and connection.

    ?? And that's just the tip of the iceberg! We have many more incredible tracks in store for you, each carefully selected to ignite your passion and send you into a state of pure euphoria. So sit back, relax, and get ready to be uplifted by the magical sounds of Uplifting Trance Sessions. Let's embark on this unforgettable journey together!

    ? And now let the music speak!

    [0:00] 1. Intro
    [1:28] 2. Ghost Etiquette feat. Aza Nabuko - U Found Me [A State Of Trance]
    [6:30] 3. Andrew Riqueza & Diana Dyatkinskaya - Hope to Wonder (Deme3us Remix) [Lifting Force Music]
    [11:13] 4. Ralphie B - Artemis [In Trance We Trust]
    [16:07] 5. Rene Ablaze & Crew 7 ? Go! [Future Sequence]
    [19:40] 6. XiJaro & Pitch - Over The Moon [Dreamstate]
    [23:28] 7. Guava - Fairytale Of Yesterday [State Control Records] *World Premiere*
    [29:52] 8. U-G - Overnight [Azure Above]
    [33:31] 9. Connor Woodford - Drifting Point [Regenerate Records]
    [37:26] 10. Kaselia - The Journey Of Life [State Control Records] *World Premiere*
    [42:13] 11. Fabio Solazzo - Virtus 22 [Extrema Global Music]
    [46:22] 12. Trance Wax - Love Me Higher [Armada Music]
    [51:54] 13. AA Meeting - Fly [VII]
    [57:31] 14. Brooklyn Bounce & Moodygee feat. Discotronic - Tricky Bounce (Slasherz Remix) [Mental Madness]

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