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    Uplifting Trance Sessions with DJ Phalanx

    Uplifting Trance Sessions EP. 654 with DJ Phalanx (Podcast)

    30. Juli 2023

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    ? Welcome back to "Uplifting Trance Sessions" with your host, DJ Phalanx, as he takes you on an exhilarating voyage through the boundless realm of trance music. In this 654th episode, get ready to experience a euphoric blend of new releases and timeless classics, carefully curated to lift your spirits and ignite your passion for trance.

    ?? Kicking off the episode is the awe-inspiring "Meet Again (Ferry Tayle Remix)" by Ana Criado & Raz Nitzan. The soul-stirring vocals combined with Ferry Tayle's uplifting touch will instantly draw you into the emotional journey that lies ahead.

    ?? Next up, we have a powerful collaboration from John O'Callaghan, Paul Skelton, and Sue McLaren with "Power of Now." As Sue's celestial vocals intertwine with the invigorating melody, a sense of empowerment envelops you, urging you to live in the present moment.

    ?? Prepare to be blown away by "Backdraft" from James Dust, IIlumin8 & Zunsjine. This track is a perfect marriage of driving beats and ethereal synths, creating an irresistible atmosphere of euphoria that will leave you craving more.

    ?? As the journey progresses, "Wunderbaum" by Richard Durand graces your ears with its enchanting allure. Durand's artistry is on full display, as he effortlessly weaves intricate sounds into an otherworldly tapestry of emotion.

    ?? "Gliding" by Semper T. invites you to immerse yourself in its melodic brilliance. The track's graceful progression and uplifting elements offer a serene escape from reality, making it an ideal addition to this uplifting episode.

    ?? The adventure reaches new depths with "THE ABYSS" by Ronski Speed & DJ T.H. present Sun Decade. The track's deep basslines and mesmerizing melodies evoke a sense of introspection, as you delve into the profound depths of trance music.

    ?? "Talla 2XLC, Jes - Spread Your Wings" is a soaring anthem that encourages you to embrace your inner strength and reach for the stars. Jes' celestial vocals soar alongside Talla 2XLC's masterful production, leaving an indelible mark on your soul.

    ?? As we approach the climax of Episode 654, "Fusion" by Peter Miethig elevates the energy to its peak. Prepare to be uplifted as the track's euphoric melodies and soaring synths ignite a fire within, leaving you with an overwhelming sense of euphoria.

    Join DJ Phalanx on this transcendent journey through uplifting trance, where time dissolves, and your spirit is set free. Episode 654 is a testament to the power of music to elevate the human experience, and it promises to be a cherished addition to your playlist. So, tune in and let the music carry you to new heights on "Uplifting Trance Sessions."

    [0:00] 1. Intro
    [1:32] 2. Ana Criado & Raz Nitzan - Meet Again (Ferry Tayle Remix) [Amsterdam Trance]
    [6:07] 3. John O'Callaghan, Paul Skelton, Sue McLaren - Power of Now [Subculture]
    [11:35] 4. 0Gravity - Edge of Space [Regenerate Records]
    [16:10] 5. Peter Miethig - Fusion [Digital Society Recordings]
    [20:31] 6. Edu Bravo - Asnof-la [Activate Recordings]
    [25:09] 7. James Dust with IIlumin8 & Zunsjine - Backdraft [State Soundscapes] *World Premiere*
    [30:04] 8. Richard Durand - Wunderbaum [Outburst Records]
    [33:20] 9. Semper T. - Gliding [State Control Records] *World Premiere*
    [37:54] 10. Ronski Speed & DJ T.H. present Sun Decade - THE ABYSS [Dreamstate]
    [42:10] 11. Tycoos & Daisy Lou - Darkness Into Light [Abora Recordings]
    [45:54] 12. Talla 2XLC, Jes - Spread Your Wings [That's Trance]
    [50:59] 13. Ajam Shaz, Onja Hard - Kesialan [Radiation Recordings]
    [55:41] 14. Riley & Durrant - Home [Black Hole]

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