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    Djtoto goes Funky Groove Vol 9 2024

    27. April 2024

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    hello people, immerse yourself in the world of funk with DJTOTO's latest compilation that takes you on a journey through classic grooves and modern beats. Funky Groove Vol 9 is a carefully curated selection that combines the best of both worlds.


    Third World ? Now That We Found Love (FF Edit): A timeless classic, reimagined with a fresh funk flair that will get the dance floor shaking.

    Alexis Victoria Hall, Jamie Van Goulden, Nick Hussey ? Wanna Be (Yam Who? & Jaegerossa Extended Mix): A dynamic collaboration that brings new energy to the funk scene with its extended mix.

    Ministry Of Funk, Dj Hat - Desire (Deep Groove Mix): A deep groove that captures the essence of funk and reinterprets it with a modern twist.

    Average White Band ? Let?s Go Round Again (FF Edit): The classic sound of the Average White Band, reworked to keep the spirit of funk alive.

    Luther Vandross ? Are you using me? (Original Mix): A soulful number by Luther Vandross that touches the listeners' hearts with its original mix.

    With ?DJTOTO goes Funky Groove Vol 9? you don?t just get music, you get an experience that moves you with every beat and enchants you with every melody. Get ready because when DJTOTO spins the turntables, it's time to feel the soul of funk!

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