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    • It was another great weekend and the party exploded for you now the new playlist live in the mix let the subwoofers bang in your cars and living rooms have fun listening and celebrating
      your djtoto

    • 1:12:33

      Then we want to release the new Funky Groove for the dance floors. I wish you a groovy start to the week and have fun dancing

      I am always happy about every like and repost thank you

      your djtoto

    • First of all, thanks to everyone who left a like or repost for me
      And the weekend was hot again and we had a great party so you can keep partying here for you the new Djtoto playlist mixed live let the subwoofer jump have fun
      your djtoto

    • This mix has already been played on the radio up and down and now also mixed live for you Funky Groove Special
      enjoy listening and back in time
      I am always happy about every like and repost thank you
      your djtoto

    • Hey guys, let’s start Monday and I brought you my new Djtoto playlist, I wanted to upload it 2 weeks ago, but now you can feel the bass again and look forward to the next weekend, have fun with 2 hours of the latest remixes
      I am always happy about every like and repost thank you
      your djtoto

    • 1:55:05

      Then we want to dance towards the weekend with the new Funky Groove I mixed you 2 hours Live old and new tracks together and all tracks are remixed have fun listening and dancing
      I am always happy about every like and repost thank you

    • 2:07:08

      Then we want to start the new year with the last playlist for this year I have mixed 2 Houer over 40 tracks live for you so that you can make really loud at your party and dance properly
      I wish all fans from Djtoto’s playlist a happy new year
      I’m happy about every like and repost love you guys, thank you
      Stay healthy
      your Djtoto

    • 1:22:23

      I hope you got through Christmas well so that we can now start the New Year with the new Funky Groove Mix I wish you a good start into the New Year 2022 and stay healthy, we want to keep partying I love you guys
      your djtoto

    • Then we start the new week with the Djtoto playlist and slowly it goes towards christmas and a year is over again then let’s make it really loud again I wish you a lot of fun listening.
      Would be nice if you leave me a like or repost thank you.
      your djtoto

    • 1:27:26

      Then let’s start the new December week relaxed no now it’s not a Christmas mix from me but the new funky groove mix with many new remixes for you and of course everything is mixed live I wish you a great week, have fun listening
      Would be nice if you leave me a like or repost thank you
      your Djtoto

    I've been playing as a dj for more than 40 years in clubs at weddings, bachelorette parties
    I can still remember very well when I mixed 2 records with 2 old dual turntables and a mixer, people couldn't understand how it worked and were enthusiastic.
    About 10 years ago I put my radio on ice for health reasons.
    Today I run a small radio again and am currently in the process of making it a little better known.
    Today I am 57 Years old and am now registered with many providers
    e.g. Deezer, ITunes, Mixcloud, Radio.net, Tunein
    and I was on the Mix Mission on Sunshine Live last year.
    Your Djtoto
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