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    Painting on Glass - The Markus Zosel Music Podcast

    • 38.
      18 Aug 2022

      Being free – it is such a tiny word – but it really means so much. It should be printed in the biggest letters but remains as a word just the same way as all the other words we use almost every day.

      And there are many sides to this little word. Let us dare taking a closer look.

    • 37.
      23 Jul 2022

      I am absolutely sure that you know people who talk like this: „Someday I will do this, maybe that…“ – and so forth. You know what I mean, of course. 

      We can change the world, man is able to do so, but we got to start with ourselves first. We can do anything – and it all starts today.

    • 36.
      2 Jul 2022

      Today I want you to meet 4 very special and wonderful people from Columbus Ohio. Why’s that?

      There have been a lot of questions about the song »Gara« from the »Music for a Storybook« album. Just one name but 4 characters? Let’s figure this out today. Come on!

    • Today’s episode is about the process of writing itself. It doesn’t matter if it’s writing the lyrics of a song or if it’s about writing a poem essay or a book. „The act of writing“ is today’s topic. 

      I want to share some interesting thoughts and questions with you on this topic. Just stay with me right now and for the following ten minutes.

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    • Welcome back. Today’s episode is about a playing card, you know. But on the other hand »Queen of Hearts« is also the title of a poem by an old friend of mine that took me by all means, it struck me! So that I had to sit down and write a song about it. That was many a year ago, Lord.

      It turned out to be no simple song but one that characterised the new Band in 1999 and in years to follow until we split apart. This song was the red line in every program we played live and has still remained a special song to me – until today. Let’s give it a listen!

      More information on Markus‘ current work and writing:



    • Today we are going to go by ferry, crossing waterways that’ll take us somewhere else. Wherever you’re about and you would like to go. It doesn’t matter.

      So, we just gotta go. That’s what we’ll do right now…



    • You know that there a magic situations and they are always occurring in an unexpected moment and may turn out special in one or the other way. Always so beautiful…!

      This is what happened right as start into the following song a couple of years ago. What of it….? I am going to tell you in the following minutes of this new episode. Join in and enjoy!

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    • 31.
      11 Apr 2022

      Oh, isn’t that beautiful? A night might be as dark as can be but there’s always a morning lying ahead. That is something you can rely on and that is one of the things to make me smile any time I do remember this simple fact. 

      But morning can also be seen as a metaphor for something new, the start of something. You see, that what we’re dealing with today.

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    • 30.
      26 Mrz 2022

      Reaching out for Episode 30 today…! This one is going to be really special, I can tell you.

      »The old house« – a story by Markus Markus Zosel. Written exclusively for this 30th episode and read by the author.

      The song is called »In this House« and was published online on the album »Music for a storybook« in 2022. It is available to you on all the current music outlets on the internet.

      Further information on the work of the artist:




    • Today we’re going to talk about a song that seems strange when taking a first look at its title. But don’t worry, we’re about to take a closer look and we might might find out that it’ll all add up in the end.



    Singer-Songwriter (for 30 years) and author (for 10 years) from the Northern part of Hesse in Germany. Awarded by the AKADEMIA in Los Angeles several times.
    Markus Zosel takes you into ?his study? while reflecting his work as a singer & songwriter and author.
    This podcast is like painting on glass while the light comes shining through.
    Markus has been awarded several times. In April 2020 he has been awarded with the ?Artist Vision Award? and in May 2021 with the ?Rising Star Award 2021? of the Akademia in L.A. for his current musical work. He is also the author of three novels and a collection of short stories in English language. Interested? You?re surely welcome to tune in!
    You?ll find his music on Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music and all major outlets on the internet.
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