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    Painting on Glass - The Markus Zosel Music Podcast

    • 28.
      12 Feb 2022

      In this episode Markus offers you to come with him into an old garden. But this garden is so much more than just a patch old land. Interested? Then just come along and be a part of it.

      The song is taken from his latest album „Music For a Storybook“ (2022). You can find it online on the music streaming or download outlet you prefer.


      Find more information about his music and books and get all the current information on his production process:



    • You know I’m writing Music. And you know that I write books. And you’ve already been familiar with the thought that there is a close relation of both areas according to the way I do express and I do feel. They belong together and in this case, book and album are very interesting.

      This episode takes the first song of the new album to enter in this mellow space of writing – and reading.

      Feel free to find more information on the official website:




    • 26.

      This is another one of my short stories – one more example of my writing. I hope you’ll enjoy it. It’s taken from the book „Cut Flowers“ published in 2017.

      But now, let’s go to the setting of the story: A balcony in an old part of a medium sized city and a couple of friends who have met there.

      Get your own copy of the book here:

      More information on the author of this podcast:





    • 25.

      There are so many things we dream about – and in dreams we all are free. 

      We are as free as we can be and we have wings to fly wherever we want to go to in an instant. Nobody is able to steal your dreams away and theres is no one who has the right to do so.

      This song is dealing with the mellow space of dreams, reflected by the harsh winds of reality. Can these two ways pair or go along as one – right next to each other and without being irritated by each other? Can you tell?

    • I’ve always tried to combine the classical orchestra with the songwriting I am looking for to a really high degree. 

      But I’ve always wanted an orchestra that has things to say, not just to accompany, you know. You can do wonderful things while orchestrating the music and end up in a dialog with the songwriter an its song.

      That is what I am looking for and this is what I intended while recording this very song from my current album.

      This episode is about the song „It All Did Change“ taken from the 2021 album „Watershed“.

      Follow the artist on his own website:


      Or listen to his music online on any musical outlet on the internet of your personal choice.

    • 23.
      29 Okt 2021

      After the feedback on #21 I am going to read another of my short stories to you. It has also been taken from the book „Cut Flowers“ and bears the title „Border patrol“.

      Now enjoy listening to the story.

      Find a copy of the book here:



      Additional Music:

      „Clouds Come Rolling In“ (instrumental) from the current album WATERSHED.


      Further information on Markus Zosel writing in music and literature:





    • 22.

      In today’s episode I am going to take you to a very special place that you’ll be able to paint yourself in mind even though you’ve never been there before. You are interested? That’s fine – just come along. The name of the small town is Kleinenberg. That’s also the name of the song you’ll find on the CD „Songs For Whoever“ from 2012.

      In case you want a copy you can get it here:


      Or follow the contact link of my website:





    • 21.
      18 Sep 2021

      Today’s episode is going to be a little different than the ones before. This one is about a short story which I am going to read to you in the minutes to follow. I published it in a book with the title »Cut Flowers« – a collection of short stories. Well, this is an example of my writing. I hope you’ll enjoy it. But now, let’s go to the setting of the story. A beach bar at the „Shores of Light“, the Mediterranean – on a warm evening in late summer.

      Find the Paperback/E-Book on amazon.com with the following link:




    • Today I?ll get you hooked on a melody you are about to hear in an instant. Don?t you believe that? Then let?s see.Give it a try.
      This episode is about the song „Say You Won’t Go Home Tonight“ from the album „Recovered“.

      It’s available on all major music outlets online, such as Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music, etc.

    • This episode’s title is a question. In the next 10 minutes I am going to tell you why that is. Let’s get started and right into this.

      Find further information on



    Singer-Songwriter (for 30 years) and author (for 10 years) from the Northern part of Hesse in Germany. Awarded by the AKADEMIA in Los Angeles several times.
    Markus Zosel takes you into ?his study? while reflecting his work as a singer & songwriter and author.
    This podcast is like painting on glass while the light comes shining through.
    Markus has been awarded several times. In April 2020 he has been awarded with the ?Artist Vision Award? and in May 2021 with the ?Rising Star Award 2021? of the Akademia in L.A. for his current musical work. He is also the author of three novels and a collection of short stories in English language. Interested? You?re surely welcome to tune in!
    You?ll find his music on Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music and all major outlets on the internet.
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