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    Painting on Glass - The Markus Zosel Music Podcast

    • I’ve never reflected myself as a special person, I never did. I just had my guitar, a piano and all the songs I wrote to play on both of them. 

      I had my ideas of writing all these books and stories I’ve put down until this very day. But I never felt „special“ – maybe just „slightly different“ than others. Just a bit…

      More information: www.markus-zosel.com


    • In 2016 Markus recorded three audios he uses in this Episode today. Each of these audios refer to one song of the EP LONE TREE. Give it a chance and listen to this episode and let yourself be charmed by the message they transport and the way Markus himself explains the essentials of each song. You can find the EP on all major download- and streaming platforms on the internet. 

      More information on: www.markus-zosel.com


    • I promised to continue with the song »Hollywood Boulevard« – I do now! But there are two more songs to mention: »Mount Wilson« and »At The Pool«. Why`s that? I gotta tell you in this episode. Thank you so much for having me once again. I am glad you’re with me again. Now, come with me to Hollywood in April 2017.  www.markus-zosel.com

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      Did you ever think about the fact that most of life’s important things happen by accident? You do not really intend to do so – they just happen! „Off we go“ is one of many songs that happened this way. But it did much more than this. It opened up a wider public and a lot more space for me.

      Find more information about the musical work of Markus Zosel on: www.markus-zosel.com


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      Love of a lifetime – or whatever that means.

      »Most of your songs are love-songs, aren’t they?«. That is a sentence I have heard frequently in the passing of recent years on stage and publishing. Let us see in this one what is true to this sentence – and what is not. Get more information about the musical work of Markus Zosel at www.markus-zosel.com.


    • Today we’re going to take a look on a song which was published on the album »Songs For Whoever« in 2012. It has got little references to a Bob Dylan song called »Farewell Angelina«. Dylan describes a changing world, scary situations or even madness around him while talking to a fictitious person that is called Angelina. Let me take you now into my song and see….

    • Thank you so much for calling back and tuning in again. 

      You might be interested in how all the songs take shape from its first thought and idea to the studio.

      In this episode I am going to take you out – on a hillside road under blue skies, with a fantastic view all around on green hill, meadows and mountains and a wind softly caressing you hair and face.

      Let’s get there together – come on!

    • Episode 1: Voyager Approaching – Becoming a songwriter.

       Come with me now in this first episode and let me take you to the ocean, the wind and a little circus that started my personal becoming and being a singer & songwriter.

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    • This is the introduction of the new podcast by Markus Zosel. In case you might be interested just tune in.

      Further information about the artist and his work on www.markus-zosel.com


    Singer-Songwriter (for 30 years) and author (for 10 years) from the Northern part of Hesse in Germany. Awarded by the AKADEMIA in Los Angeles several times.
    Markus Zosel takes you into ?his study? while reflecting his work as a singer & songwriter and author.
    This podcast is like painting on glass while the light comes shining through.
    Markus has been awarded several times. In April 2020 he has been awarded with the ?Artist Vision Award? and in May 2021 with the ?Rising Star Award 2021? of the Akademia in L.A. for his current musical work. He is also the author of three novels and a collection of short stories in English language. Interested? You?re surely welcome to tune in!
    You?ll find his music on Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music and all major outlets on the internet.
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