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    Painting on Glass - The Markus Zosel Music Podcast

    • Maybe you’re a musician who tries hard to write the songs of your life, maybe you’re an author who has to believe in yourself because no-one else does the way you do.

      That is alright and it’s good that you keep on going all the way – on and on. But no matter who you are and no matter what you do. At a certain point you’ll be driven to name things, after creating something you gotta give it a name. And that is not always easy and that is what this episode will be about in the minutes to follow. 

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      There’s magic in the moments shortly before something happens. There’s something that keeps us wordless, lack of expression and astonished when looking at it. It’s the moments shortly before a concert, shortly before we’re about to meet somebody or the seconds before something big is going to happen. You know this kind of tension, I’m sure about that. And this is what this episode is about.

      The name of the song is „Like a Stranger“ and it’s taken from the 2019 album „OTHERWISE“

      More information on the work of the artist:



    • Season’s Greetings! This is episode 44: A Holiday Special with Sheila Alderson, singer and dear friend from the north of England. Be a part of a conversation, a very special occasion and join in the conversation between two experienced singers when I had the pleasure to be invited into her beautiful home in the mellow days of December.

      Credits of the songs chosen from the Christmas Album:

      „Mary’s Boy Child“ (Hairston) / „Little Town of Bethlehem“ (Brooks & Redner) / „Amazing Grace“ (Neweton/ Rees) / „Away in a Manger“ (Traditional) / „I Wish You“ (Zosel)

      The Christmas album was published in 2005 on CD.

      Contact via: www.markus-zosel.com


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      Last night snow fell. It sounds so simple but it also offers a little bit of magic that goes along with it.

      Early Morning snow is kind of special. Because it appears when you get up early and it is about to disappear within the first half of the day.

      It?s fragile and lovely to look at because it decorates the outside beautifully and that way it is able to decorate your own heart for the start right into your day…

    • Today’s show will be about the two instruments you just heard: the acoustic guitar and the piano. 

      Both are instruments that would work all alone and for themselves. You can play classical guitar and there is nothing you would miss. You can also play the piano and everything is fine. Right.

      But in the field of songwriting both have an enormous power when recorded together to accompany a song. Why’s that? Let’s take look at it in the minutes to follow. Come on…!

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      For this episode I’ve chosen a track from the online album recovered. The name is »One for the Show«. The name of the episode is „One for the vine…“ – why’s that? We’ll find out and I tell you in the following minutes

      In life there are so many things to find us or it’s us to find all the things on our way. But you are as professional as I am by looking at it and you’ve learned that it’s mostly the simple and little things in life that matter – they really do. 


    • These days it’s all about changing. We enjoyed the wonderful and mellow days of a late summer which has now gone and we’ve already entered the new season: fall.

      „A Dance in Fall“ takes you out on a little journey all among the shiny light and the trembling leaves in all its wonderful colours – and the reason why you don’t have to be afraid of the change that is essential part of life.

      Find more information on the author:


      Or on Facebook or Instagram:



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      Today we’re going to talk about old gloves! Old gloves? It’ll be surely a little more to it than just a pair of worn out gloves. But let’s get started right now and we’ll find out!

      Song „Old Gloves“ taken from the album CHARACTER (2019)

      Find more information about the artist:



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      18 Aug 2022

      Being free – it is such a tiny word – but it really means so much. It should be printed in the biggest letters but remains as a word just the same way as all the other words we use almost every day.

      And there are many sides to this little word. Let us dare taking a closer look.

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      23 Jul 2022

      I am absolutely sure that you know people who talk like this: „Someday I will do this, maybe that…“ – and so forth. You know what I mean, of course. 

      We can change the world, man is able to do so, but we got to start with ourselves first. We can do anything – and it all starts today.

    Singer-Songwriter (for 30 years) and author (for 10 years) from the Northern part of Hesse in Germany. Awarded by the AKADEMIA in Los Angeles several times.
    Markus Zosel takes you into ?his study? while reflecting his work as a singer & songwriter and author.
    This podcast is like painting on glass while the light comes shining through.
    Markus has been awarded several times. In April 2020 he has been awarded with the ?Artist Vision Award? and in May 2021 with the ?Rising Star Award 2021? of the Akademia in L.A. for his current musical work. He is also the author of three novels and a collection of short stories in English language. Interested? You?re surely welcome to tune in!
    You?ll find his music on Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music and all major outlets on the internet.
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